Most Employees Shop While at Work, Survey Finds

A survey from staffing firm Robert Half Technology finds that most U.S. workers are shopping while at work.

Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of employees admit to minimizing their screens when a manager approaches during an online shopping session.

Sixty four percent say they have used their lunch break to track down deals, 43 percent say they have surfed for bargains while bored on the job and 35 percent say they were lured to shop while searching online for something else.

Employees aren’t exactly being shy about this behavior, either: 17 percent of respondents say they have shopped with coworkers.

Nearly one in four (39 percent) workers surveyed say they use a work-issued computer or device to shop online; another 17 percent utilize a personal mobile device. Nearly a quarter (24 percent) shop with both.

More than one in three (36 percent) workers say they have taken a day off to do some holiday shopping.

And for those who bargain-hunt during business hours, 13 percent say they have had to work late or from home in the evening to make up for time shopping.

What Do Bosses Think of This?

In a separate survey of CIOs, only one-third say their companies block employee access to online shopping; 65 percent either allow unrestricted access or allow access but monitor for excessive use.

However, most employees are unaware of their firm’s stance: 55 percent of workers say they have not been provided with company information or training around IT security or online shopping policies.

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