Million Dollar Sheep

Why are people paying upwards of a million bucks to have a flock of fake sheep in their homes? Yes, this is a thing.

The coveted sheep are the product of French sculptor Francois-Xavier Lalanne, who has made whimsical bronze-cast sheep a specialty for years.

According to an article in Architectural Digest, Lalanne sheep can be found in fancy homes the world over, with single pieces fetching up to $200,000.

But nobody buys a single piece; people want a flock of these sheep.

Some keep them in the yard, while others bring them inside palatial country homes.

Just this month a flock of Lalanne sheep went on the auction block in Palm Beach, Florida.

Known as Nouveaux Moutons, the Lalanne sheep were created in 1996-97 and cast at the Landowski Fondeur in France.

The life-size family made of epoxy stone and patinated bronze consists of a ram, ewe and three lambs. Previous owners include the legendary Dorothy Blau Gallery, Miami; and Wolfgang Roth & Partners Fine Arts, Miami.

The sheep are accompanied by a copy of a 2015 condition report from Modern Art Conservation.

These Nouveaux Moutons were expected to fetch $600,000-$900,000.


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