Millennials Demand Personalized Care for Their Pets

Customer communication specialist Weave has revealed the results of a new, independent survey regarding the significant relationship millennials have with their pets, and the corresponding high expectations of veterinary providers.

Millennials have changed American industries and spending priorities like no other generation. While millennials love spending on apps, avocado toast, and artisan beer, one spending obsession tops them all–pets.

More millennials have pets than kids, and with 75% owning a pet, associated spending is continuously on the rise.

Weave commissioned a nationwide study of U.S. millennials to gain an understanding of how important pets are to this generation that accounts for nearly half of the U.S. labor force.

Several key findings from the survey include:

92% of millennials are as concerned about their pet’s health as their own health.

More millennials would rather spend time with their pet than with their spouse, parents, and friends, combined.

86% of millennials would risk their own life to save their pet.

Millennials love pets more than they love life’s indulgences, and more millennials would give up alcohol, sugar and marijuana than their pet.

19% of millennials would give up their job before they gave up their pet.

Only 15% of millennials will always answer their phone if they don’t know who is calling, but 81% of them would definitely answer if they saw it was their veterinarian.

More millennials would give up experiences like going to bars, concerts, sports and taking vacations rather than giving up their pet.

81% of millennials want their vets to automatically recognize them when they call, but 72% have had to wait while their vet looks up their account.

Millennials love pets more than they love tech, and more millennials would give up social media and their smartphones before giving up their pet.

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