(Really) Last Minute Gifts

Have you put off your holiday gift shopping to the last minute? As in, really the last minute?

As of two weeks ago nearly one-third of consumers still had up to half of their holiday shopping left to do, with only five shopping days remaining, according to a survey by KPMG LLP, the audit, tax and advisory firm.

According to the survey of more than 1,000 consumers taken on December 11-12, 32 percent reported to have 25 to 49 percent of their shopping left to do this year, while 37 percent of holiday shoppers still have up to 24 percent of their shopping to finish.

Many others are still not done, even on December 24th. What do they do?

According to the survey, fifty-nine percent of holiday shoppers said gift cards were the most common item left to shop until the last minute, followed by clothing and accessories at 44 percent and toys and games at 38 percent.

We would add one suggestion: giving to a charity in someone else’s name. You can certainly do this at the last minute, and it’s more respectable than some of the other options. Of course, you could always top this up with a gift card, or a bottle of something good.

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