Last-Chance Shopping

Nearly 1 in 3 (30%) of us will wait until the week of Christmas to do the majority of their holiday shopping, according to a survey from digital offers company RetailMeNot.

That’s a shocking number, considering how long the holiday shopping season has become. Given how many sales and offers there are these days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this last-minute shopping trend cannot be about bargain-hunting.

Indeed, it seems have more to do with our natural tendency to put off unpleasant things until the last minute.

While many people enjoy holiday shopping, there is a sizeable number of us who find it to be a stress-filled, confusing chore.

Lucky for us, there is an entire sub-industry of the retail and logistics field that is dedicated to last-minute shoppers. These days, you can order things online right up to Christmas week, and they will still arrive on time.

With the wonders of modern e-commerce working for us, we can now put our Christmas shopping off until the very last minute.

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