These Jobs Already Pay Well, and Things Are Getting Even Better Next Year

Some job skills are in such demand that the people who have them can expect sizable gains in salary next year.

Staffing specialists Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group recently produced their 2016 Salary Guides, which showed which technology jobs will see the biggest pay raises.

Wireless Network Engineers will see the biggest gains, at 9.7%, with salaries ranging from $108,750 – $150,750. Here are the rest of the top ten:

Big Data Engineer (8.9% gain, $129,500 – $183,500 average)

Data Scientist (8.9% gain, $109,000 – $153,750 average)

Mobile Applications Developer (8.2% gain, $115,250 – $175,750 average)

Content Strategist (8.1% gain, $77,500 – $109,000 average)

Multimedia Designer (6.3% gain, $61,750 – $91,000 average)

User Experience (UX) Specialist (5.9% gain, $86,500 – $132,500 average)

User Interface (UI) Developer (5.9% gain, $87,500 – $132,000 average)

As you can see, these high-tech jobs generally pay well. Of course, given the ever-changing nature of technology many professionals who make great money today may find that demand for their particular skills waning in the years ahead.

A successful career in technology often requires continuing education and training. Still, young people who are looking for the opportunity to make good money could do a lot worse than to prepare for one of these jobs.

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