Are Your Pets Ready for the Holidays?

The holiday onslaught is almost here. Shopping, family, vacations – and more shopping — lies ahead. You may or may not be prepared for it, but what about your pets?

VitusVet , a mobile app that keeps track of your pet’s medical records, say that our furry friends can be overlooked amidst the holiday hustle.

What happens if you go on vacation, and your left-behind pet gets sick?

You need to prepare in advance, first by making sure your pet is up-to-date with medical care. Perhaps a visit to the vet is in order.

In any event, you should have your pet’s health records complete, and ready at hand. The person whom you entrust to care for your pet may need quick access to those records, while you are away.

Perhaps the VitusVet would help with this. It launched this past May as a way for veterinary offices to share their patients’ entire medical record history with their clients, at times when they need it the most.

The app can be downloaded at HERE or  (for Android).

But even if you decide to go app-less, make sure that your pet’s records are complete, and in a place where they can be accessed quickly in an emergency.

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