The Holiday $pirit

Shopping is the thing that puts most Americans into the holiday spirit, according to a new survey. If this news makes you a bit sad, read on.

You see, while it is indeed sad that 71% of Americans recently surveyed by electronics retailer hhgregg said that it was shopping that made them feel the spirit of the holidays, it’s also true that shopping for others is what made that experience so special.

So, at least the spirit of giving is still strong, even if it’s wrapped within a crazy time of consumerism.

This Spirit of Shopping is very strong in younger Americans: the survey found that eight in ten Millennials will create a holiday wish list vs. just 57% of Generation Xers and 38% of Baby Boomers.

While three-quarters of Americans say they will shop on Black Friday, Millennials are the most likely to say they will create a specific plan for Black Friday shopping.

But, as we said, most of this shopping excitement involves buying things for others, with more than eight in ten survey respondents saying they would rather give a gift than receive a gift.

So, when you see YouTube videos showing people getting roughed up in Black Friday doorbuster riots this year, just remember that most of the mad consumerism is about doing for others.

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