Holiday Card List and Labels – Right from Your iPhone

There’s a nifty little company in Palo Alto, California whose stated goal is to, “… advance new ideas in any area that can impact the well-being and happiness of people, especially involving film or photography.” Their latest way of doing this comes in the form of a free iPhone app that helps you to send holiday greetings to friends and family.

The app, which the company (Northern Imagination) said is totally free — and totally free of advertising – is called Airlisted. You can download it at:

Northern Imagination said that Airlisted lets you send a personalized message to selected contacts, who can reply with their most up-to-date address and list of family members.

The app automatically organizes these address replies, making it easier for you to build your card list. The company said that the app even lets you easily print mailing labels straight from your phone, or export your address list to holiday card sites.

Northern Imagination is promising an upgrade, (this week, they say), that allows users to print pre-addressed postcards right from their phones. (Unfortunately, they don’t mention any version for the millions of us who use something other than an iPhone.)

However, if you do, this app may help you to keep in touch over the holidays.

The company doesn’t completely leave out the non-iPhone users, though. They also have a service that creates gift wrap from your Facebook or Instagram photos. Just send them the photos and they’ll send you back your custom gift wrap. This offering isn’t free, however. Check it out at:


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