Give Her a Seat this Year

Live event tickets have eclipsed jewelry on women’s ultimate wish list this year, according to a poll by ticket reseller Vivid Seats.

In a nationwide poll of more than 500 people, women chose live event tickets as the number-one most desirable holiday gift (tied with electronics), with jewelry ranking next-to-last in desirability.

Vivid Seats also determined that, while 50 percent of women have never received tickets as gifts, they would love to get them this year. An additional 10 percent of women are for the first time considering adding gift tickets to their holiday wish list.

“Women aren’t the only ones wishing for live event tickets this year, 51 percent of men surveyed also hope to find tickets under the tree,” said Bryson Meunier, spokesperson for Vivid Seats. “This sentiment was shared nationwide, with tickets ranking as first or second in the list of most desirable gifts in every major region of the country. ”

That’s all well and good – but make sure you buy the right tickets for the recipient. Or, you can give a gift card from Vivid Seats, Ticketmaster or another live event ticket seller.

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