Young Female Investors Feel “Outsized Anxiety”

E*TRADE Financial has released insights from its signature event focused on female investing trends. The event featured a panel of industry experts discussing recent trends pulled from E*TRADE’s quarterly tracking study:

Young women feel underprepared. More than three out of four young women (76%) say that despite their current income and savings they feel they could be doing better—compared to 69% of the total population.

Social media magnifies their lack of confidence. Almost seven out of 10 young women (69%) say images of exaggerated wealth on social media and television make them feel less successful, compared to 47% of the total population.

Financial jargon is a critical barrier. Three out of five young women (60%) say financial jargon hinders their ability to understand how to invest on their own, compared to 51% of the total population.

Financial worry compromises their health and relationships. More than half of young women say worrying about finances negatively affects their relationships (57%) and their health (51%), compared to 41% and 40% of the total population, respectively.

They’ll tap into retirement savings to alleviate financial pressure. Almost 60% of young women (59%) said they have taken an early withdrawal from their retirement account, compared to only 38% of the total population.

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