Eyeglasses That Save You from the Digital Age

There is mounting medical evidence that the device screens we stare at every day can harm our eyes. That’s why it’s good news that a new line of eyeglasses has been developed to help spare your eyes from digital age threats.

These special glasses — called The Foster Grant Eyezen collection, by Essilor – are designed to relax your eyes and help fight the temporary effects of digital eye strain.

Digital eye strain causes tired, heavy-feeling eyes, difficulties reading digital screens and general eye discomfort.

According to Essilor, Foster Grant Eyezen collection glasses employ two new technologies to provide a heightened layer of protection against digital eye strain.

First, there is a patented lens coating technology that blocks potentially Harmful Blue Light.

The other special protection comes from SmartFocus Technology, which provides a small amount of accommodative relief in the lower portion of the lens to help the eyes stay relaxed while using digital devices.

These glasses are available, without a prescription, online at fostergranteyezen.com and Amazon.com. The price is $34.99.

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