Employees to Boss: Get Creative

A new survey finds that employees often want their companies to be more creative, and take more risks, when developing advertising and marketing campaigns.

Placement service The Creative Group (TCG) and AIGA said they have been researching worker attitudes toward their company’s efforts, and found that employees want to work for companies that “push the envelope” creatively.

For instance, 71% of creative professionals surveyed said their companies play it too safe, and don’t take enough creative risks with projects. Of those surveyed, 28% said they don’t feel empowered by their managers to take creative risks.

Only a small majority, (53%) believe that their organization is perceived as innovative.

Of course, few company managers really want to go out on a limb with their brand image, and risk a career-ending failure. So, they tend to play it safe. This is perfectly understandable, but it does lead to frustration on the part of advertising and marketing professionals.

For these employees, the consolation prize is that they still have jobs. Taking risks can lead to big rewards, but it can also end in disaster. For those who really want to be bold there is always the option of starting a new company.


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