Employee Appreciation Day Is Coming Up

March 1 is Employee Appreciation Day in the U.S. What will you do?

As Trade group Recognition Professionals International reminds us, “Employee Appreciation Day first arrived on calendars in 1995. A Recognition Professionals International’s founding Board member, together with his publishing company, Workman Publishing, created Employee Appreciation Day as a way of focusing the attention of all employers, in all industries on employee recognition. It is always the first Friday in March.

And, (as we might expect from the Recognition industry):

“Employee recognition is more powerful than any other motivator. We all know cash bonuses are spent on bills and many perks are soon forgotten. Personalizing recognition can create a memory and those memories build higher performance. Recognition can take a hundred forms and variations.”

It turns out the Recognition industry is correct. Most studies of employee recognition show that giving extra cash is “wasted”, since employees use it for groceries and bills. Giving something like a vacation or a luxury item becomes a treasured special gift from employers.

However, with so many employees living paycheck to paycheck these days, giving a luxury item might backfire. It may simply remind the employee that he or she is living paycheck to paycheck these days.

Whether you give something special or not, do mark the day somehow. It’s a good day for handing out rewards, or at least meeting with each employee to express your good feelings.

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