Electric Motorcycles Grow Up

Electric motorcycles were quirky little things until recently. They were either slow moving, or plagued with very limited range. Few of them were good substitutes for “real” motorcycles However, the latest crop of electric motorcycles offer some genuine excitement.

One stunning example of this e-motorcycle revolution is the Ego, from Italy’s Energica Motor Company.

Not only does the Ego look like a modern supersport motorcycle, it performs like one.

For instance, the bike produces 144 ft lb of torque throughout its rev range. That’s about double what a typical high-performance sport bike delivers. The Ego 45’s maximum speed is 150 mph.

As for range, the Ego can go more than 50 miles when ridden in a “sporting fashion” and more than 120 miles in economy mode. A fast charge function can bring it to 85% charge in just 30 minutes.

The advanced running gear comes from such companies as Ohlins (shocks), Brembo (brakes) and OZ (wheels) – all of them top-shelf names known to motorcyclists worldwide.

Though a bit heavy for a sportbike, at around 568 pounds, reviewers have so far been unanimous in praising the bike’s handling.

The Ego is a true rival for other European and Japanese superbikes. It’s amazing how far this technology has come, in just a few years.

While the Ego is quite expensive, at $35,000, it does represent the “bleeding edge” of electric motorcycle technology. We would expect that prices will come down as more companies get into the electric superbike market.

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