Easter Deviled Eggs?

The good people at GreatGatherings are sharing some tips for making your Easter celebration more… interesting. Deviled Easter eggs, anyone?

Yes, you read that right. While it may seem a bit like mixing metaphors – and more than a bit strange – the idea of deviled Easter eggs is an interesting turn on a traditional holiday favorite. To make them, you first boil the eggs and shell them. Next, halve the eggs, scoop out the yokes and color the shelled egg halves.

You might have to keep the egg white halves in the food coloring for a long-ish time to get the desired color saturation. Prepare the yolks using your preferred deviled egg recipe, then combine and serve.

Tip: you can re-combine the egg halves – with the fluffy yoke pushing up in-between, to create little egg creatures that resemble chicks. Click here for a visual: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Easy-Creamy-Deviled-Eggs/Detail.aspx?evt19=1

GreatGatherings also suggests that you create “carrot cutlery.” In a statement Beth DePompei, Entertaining Essentials Director at GreatGatherings.com, explains, “Wrap green plastic cutlery in orange paper napkins, creating a cone shape with the napkin and keeping the bottom closed. Secure with a green ribbon, and it takes on the look of a carrot. Display all the carrot cutlery sets in a colorful basket.”

The online retailer also suggests that you make use of those special, pastel colored holiday M&Ms or jelly beans by layering them in jars, then topping with bright pinwheels. This of course involves some time and effort spent to separate out the different colors – but it’s a neat idea.

DePompei also finds a great use for those little flower pots: “Add blooming bulbs in terra cotta pots for a cheery pop of spring color. Write on the pots with chalk for some festive fun. Make the décor seamless and continue the chalkboard idea in your appetizer display, using Slate Cheese Boards for a fun twist on a platter.”

She also suggests using mason jars or milk bottles as a table decoration, by lining them up down the middle of your buffet. Fill them with water, and top with flowers – or even jelly beans for that ‘Easter’ look.

All-in-all, we have to commend GreatGatherings for coming up with some interesting ideas. They add some “adult-ness” to the look of your Easter gathering, to balance well with the kid-themed décor you might also be putting out.

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