Dogs Are Our Best Friends, and Often Our Favorite Family Members

Dogs have long been called “man’s best friend,” and some new research reveals that the relationship is only growing stronger.

Dog food maker Beneful recently showed results of its National Dog Week survey, revealing that a whopping 97% of American dog owners consider their pups a part of their family.

An almost-equally impressive 93% said that their dog was, indeed their best friend.

Here are some other survey findings

  • A Relationship Like No Other. Nearly all dog owners surveyed agree their dogs are part of their family (97 percent) and one of their best friends (93 percent).
  • You Get Me. Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of dog owners surveyed agree their dogs understand them like no human could, up from 58 percent in a 2015 survey.
  • Strike a Pose. More than half of dog owners surveyed (54 percent) agree their dogs love having their pictures taken.
  • What Makes Fido Happy?According to surveyed dog owners, the activities they agree make their dogs happiest include:
  1. Mealtime (95 percent)
  2. Going on walks (93 percent)
  3. Eating dog treats (93 percent)
  4. Chewing a dog bone (88 percent)
  5. Snuggling (85 percent)
  6. Riding in the car (78 percent)
  7. Playing fetch (77 percent)
  8. Going to the dog park (72 percent)
  9. Running/jogging with someone (71 percent)
  10. Being brushed/groomed (63 percent)

Let’s face it: one of the things we really love about dogs is how easy it is to make them happy with food, play and affection. Dogs aren’t complicated, and that’s great.

They make us less complicated, too, by offering us simple pleasures and unconditional love.

Why wouldn’t they be our best friends?

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