Does Your Pet Love Your Vet?

There’s a contest underway to find and celebrate extraordinary veterinary professionals, and your pet certainly gets a say.

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) is seeking nominations for America’s Favorite Veterinarian – a contest that “celebrates the special relationships pet owners share with their veterinarians…” The Foundation said it is also about highlighting the roles that veterinarians play in society.

After all, veterinarians have roles as medical professionals in research labs, public health, government services and academia, among other things.

In the contest, vets will be evaluated on such things as community involvement, ethical behavior, passion for the profession, and their connections to animals and their owners. Twenty finalists will be selected, with the public voting to determine the winner.

The contest begins with nominations from pet owners – with full input from their pets, of course. If you and your pet have a soft spot for the veterinarian you share, why not send in a nomination? Go to and fill out an entry form, along with a 250 word or less narrative on why your nominee deserves to be America’s Favorite Veterinarian.

Hurry, the deadline for nominations is June 6.

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