Do As I Say, Not As I Watch

Are today’s parents a bunch of media hypocrites? A new report uncovers the disturbing truth.

According to the study – from the group Common Sense — parents spend more than nine hours (9:22) a day with screen media, the vast majority of that time being spent with personal media (7:43) and only slightly more than 90 minutes devoted to work media.

However, the vast majority of these parents (78%) believe they are good media use role models for their kids.

Meanwhile, many parents are concerned about their children’s media use, including thinking that their children may become addicted to technology (56%) and that technology use negatively impacts their children’s sleep (34%).

How do we square this parental concern about kids over-saturating themselves with media, with the reality that parents are, in fact, doing just that?

How can parents serve as role models when they are as addicted to media?

“These findings are fascinating because parents are using media for entertainment just as much as their kids, yet they express concerns about their kids’ media use while also believing that they are good role models for their kids,” said James P. Steyer, founder and CEO of Common Sense. ”

Yes, the findings are fascinating – and disturbing.

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