Design Your Dream Flower Girl Dress

A new online software tool allows dreamy little girls, anxious brides-to-be and pushy moms alike design the ideal flower girl dress for that big wedding day.

Pegeen, an online provider of custom flower girl dresses, has released the Pegeen Dress Dreamer, an interactive design tool that allows the user to see the many ways the firm allows them to customize their children’s clothing.

The Dress Dreamer makes use of a mouse click and drop process, so users can evaluate thousands of combinations of colors, designs and fabric options. Pegeen assures that the tool is simple enough to use – even for the relatively techno-challenged. (We’d say, “simple enough for a child to use” but we all know that kids are the experts in using these things.)

Pegeen said it made use of jQuery – rather than Adobe Flash – to create a “virtual closet” that is compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

The company said that their new tool allows you to sit down with ‘the littlest bridal party members’ and show them how they will look while walking down the aisle.

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