Demand is High for Accounting, Finance and Information Technology Pros

A new forecast from the University of Michigan finds that demand for accounting, finance and information technology professionals is high, and growing.

The survey – of 250 companies — was conducted for staffing firm Brilliant, which specializes in the accounting, finance and Information Technology (IT) professions. The survey team was led by the U of M’s Professor Richard Curtin, who is Director of Surveys at the school.

According to the results, a majority of the surveyed companies (54%) say that the overall economic situation of their companies had improved during the past year. One in three said they were planning to increase the overall size of their accounting, finance and IT departments.

This translates into job opportunities for professionals working in those fields.

Many of the companies surveyed plan to increase hiring of accounting / finance professionals (28%) and IT professionals (34%) in the coming quarter. Only 3% of the companies surveyed plan to decrease the number of staff in those areas.

Social media is playing an increasing role in the recruiting process used by companies. In fact, the companies surveyed cited LinkedIn as the most effective social platform for recruiting for accounting / finance and IT positions.

The future looks bright for those with the specialized skill set needed to tackle careers in these fields.


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