Follow These Tips to Avoid Common Scams and Fraud

Utility operator Georgia Power is offering these tips to protect consumers from common scams:

  • Beware of phone calls demanding payment via phone. Service providers like Georgia Power never ask for a credit card or pre-paid debit card number over the phone. If a customer receives a suspicious call from someone claiming to be from your local utility or other service provider and demanding payment to avoid disconnection, they should hang up and contact that company’s 24-hour customer service line.

  • Scammers even show up in person. If an employee of your local utility has a service-related reason to visit your home or business, check to make sure they are who they say they are. Such employees should be wearing an employee ID badge, and traveling in a company-branded vehicle.

  • Companies do not demand payment in person at your home or business. If an account you have with a utility or telecommunications company becomes past due, the company will contact the customer via phone. They will not show up at your door demanding payment. If someone does, call the police.

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