Combine an Emoji with a Selfie Using Selfkie

A new app combines two of the hottest trends in modern personal communication: the emoji and the selfie.

This union is made on Selfkie – a specialized iOS keyboard that allows users to send pictures of themselves expressing different emotions the same way they used to send generic emojis.

Users can photograph themselves in a range of facial poses – from happy to mad to sad. The app organizes these little faces so that they form keyboard keys on an iOS device.

Once the keyboard is arranged, the user can attach different Selfkie images to their messages. The recipient would then get a message spiced up with the actual facial expressions of the sender.

It’s a neat idea, and the developers of the app — Jonah Kaner and Ari Goldberg – apparently spent four months turning the idea into a reality.

Find out more at Selfkie. The app is now available for download in the App Store.

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