The Colors of This Spring/Summer Season

A new survey from retail decision platform MakerSights reveals which colors from the Pantone Fashion Trend Report will be a hit or miss this season.

The MakerSights Top Spring/Summer 2019 Colors Survey includes the following key findings:

  • Brands can feel confident with their inventory investment in this year’s top three colors—Eclipse, Jester Red and Princess Blue—as these were the top colors selected across age, gender and region. However, with 45 percent of consumers indicating an equal preference between Jester Red and Princess Blue, brands may see sales cannibalization among these two colors if offered in similar silhouettes.
  • While Pepper Stem is least likely to be worn by women in cities, Pink Lilac consistently ranks lowest with men, regardless of location.
  • Terrarium Moss will sell best in the Pacific Northwest, while Living Coral will be hot in the Southeast.
  • GenZ and Millennials continue to be more colorful than Gen X and Baby Boomers. Despite generational harmony with regard to the top colors of Eclipse and Princess Blue, Gen Z and Millennials show stronger preference for the total color spectrum compared to Gen X and Baby Boomers, who prefer more muted colors this Spring/Summer.
  • Despite Living Coral being crowned Pantone’s Color of the Year and a favorite among consumers in the Southeast, surprisingly the color ranked just #5 among consumers overall. Brands may need to continue shining a light on this color to bring it to life off the runway.
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