Cities Where Techies are Happiest

The job satisfaction of technology executives has become of increasing concern to U.S. companies, as the role of technology has become ever-more mission critical.

Overall, America’s Chief Information Officers report having rather high levels of job satisfaction. But things are better in some cities than in others, according to staffing firm Robert Half.

In a recent Robert Half Technology survey of CIOs across the United States, overall job satisfaction rated 8.5 on a 10-point scale. The following 10 cities outshine the average:

  1. Miami
  2. Boston
  3. Des Moines, Iowa
  4. Indianapolis
  5. Cincinnati
  6. Minneapolis
  7. Raleigh, NC
  8. Salt Lake City
  9. Dallas
  10. San Francisco

The top three drivers for job satisfaction among technology professionals are:

  1. Pride in their organization
  2. Feeling appreciated
  3. Interest in their work

For these things, it seems that Miami is the sunniest city for techies.

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