Christmas at Denny’s?

The good people at restaurant chain Denny’s say they will once again host Christmas this year by keeping their iconic diners open for all 24 hours of December 25th. Now, you may be thinking that Denny’s is a strange place to gather for a Christmas meal, but after giving it some thought we’re kind of warming to the idea.

After all, preparing Christmas meals can really soak up a lot of time and energy. While many family members enjoy the rituals of Christmas meal prep, others become stressed out at the mere thought of spending the day in the kitchen. Families can also become divided, as some members scramble furiously in the kitchen while others watch TV.

Going out to eat on Christmas is therefore a solution for some families. Instead of (ironically) parting company on the day, these families can spend the day together while sharing a relaxing meal that others have prepared.

But is Denny’s a good choice? Sure, the diners are convenient, and they have extensive menus, but they are, after all, just diners. Is this really the place to spend such an important day?

Well, for one thing most restaurants won’t even be open on Christmas. Then there is the question of cost. While a lot of us would like to spend Christmas in some fancy restaurant with white table cloths, the fact is that such places are quite expensive. A big family gathering at a fancy restaurant costs big bucks, at a time when nearly every family member has already spent a lot of money buying presents, traveling – or both.

Going to Denny’s for Christmas takes the money stress out of the holiday meal – along with the hassle. All the kids will find something they like to eat on the Denny’s menu, as will the adults.

Whether this seems like a good idea to you, or not, you can at least be thankful that this huge chain of diners will be open on Christmas. After all, even the best-planned holiday meals can sometimes come to a bad end. (Think power failure, or five guys deep frying a turkey in the back yard). With Denny’s open all day, you always have a convenient, reasonably-priced option.


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