Cheaper Tablets Bring Satisfaction

Consumers are pleased with the increasing value proposition that tablets represents, according to J.D. Power.

J.D. Power 2014 U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study shows that price satisfaction is increasing, as the average price of tablets drop and more value-priced brands enter the market.

The big news from this year’s survey is that Amazon ranked highest in overall satisfaction for the first time – beating Apple and Samsung in such areas as ease of operation, and cost.

Of course, one of the big factors driving down the cost of tablets – apart from the proliferation of value brands – is the increasing power and sophistication of smartphones. With smartphones becoming larger and more capable, consumers no longer have to choose between the convenience of a phone or the utility of a tablet.

Now, they can get both in one device. This has given rise to the term “phablet” to describe the meeting of the phone and the tablet. It’s more than just marketing jargon; the term describes the narrowing of compromises between the two device categories.

Those who still choose a tablet are getting the best deals ever on these devices. J.D. Power found that tablet customers now spend an average of $345 on their tablet device, which is down $48 from the figure reported in the company’s 2013 survey.


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