Charging Stations: The New Crack

Have you been at an airport, near a public charging stations, and seen how people behave? They reach the station like souls who’ve been lost in the desert for weeks. That station is like cool water. People show great relief at the site of it. Truly, charging on-the-go has become a hot commodity.

We’ve become so addicted to our devices, to being connected all the time. Studies show that we actually experience withdrawal symptoms when our devices go dead.

In a sense, charging is almost like a supply of digital crack. As addicts, we need it. We need it bad.

If any of this hyperbole about mobile charging seeming seems true, feels true to you as you read it, take heart: there are now consumer studies that bear it out. People want charging to be like the air they breathe. They want wireless charging.

The 2017 Wireless Power Survey Report, from the AirFuel Alliance and its member partners, shows that people not only want wireless charging, they are willing to pay for it.

They want wireless charging to be second-nature (71 percent want wireless charging in their next device) and to be available when and where they need it.

In addition to the home, 76 percent of consumers want wireless charging when traveling and 50 percent want it at work (with 43 percent saying if that were the case, they would find their job easier to do).

Here are some of the findings:

  • Charging Solutions Aren’t Cutting It– the pain of plugging in is not the only frustration today’s consumers feel when it comes to ensuring their devices are powered up — 38 percent see different chargers for different devices as the biggest challenge they face with current solutions on the market.
  • Battery Anxiety Is Increasing– the concern of a battery dying, and ultimately the inability to use a device – is a real stressor for consumers today. Over 45 percent of respondents worry about losing a charge a few times a day and 49 percent do not even want to think about plugging in their smartphone or putting devices in a precise position to charge. They just want it to happen.
  • Consumers want more than freedom from wires– While 72 percent say wireless charging capabilities are important to them, 62 percent of those individuals said speed of charge is also critical. Over 58 percent also noted that while wire-free charging is desirable, they do not want to give up the durability of the device to make it happen.
  • A Wireless World is Around the Corner — Nearly all consumers (93%) think wireless charging will become the new norm over the next three years.  They expect major metropolitan areas and technology hubs like New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Chicago as the first to say goodbye to wires.

With this kind of consumer demand, you can bet that there is change coming.

AirFuel Alliance is an association dedicated to building a global wireless charging ecosystem based on best-in-industry inductive, resonant, RF and future wireless charging technology. Find out more HERE.

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