Cats Protest Unfair Holiday Treatment

Cats will never think of themselves as second-class citizen/pets – but they are starting to wonder, and a sense of outrage is spreading in the cat community.

The reason for this feline unrest? It seems that a new study showed that dogs will receive 2.5 times as many presents this holiday season than cats will receive. Can you believe it?

This outrageous revelation comes from Internet retailer e-commerce solutions and services provider SLI Systems. They ought to know.

SLI Systems studied site search trends across pet product sites. The company’s data comes from an analysis of 3.5 million e-commerce site searches.

In terms of search trends, the company found that this year it’s all fun and games for cats, and bedtime for dogs – especially in California, New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

The company found that:

  • Dog gifts much more popular – Searches containing the word “dog” were 2.5x more common than those containing “cat.”
  • Dogs all set for slumber – Across the globe, site searches for “dog bed” were nearly 2x more common than the second most popular item: “dog collar.” The remainder of the top ten, in order, were: toys, treats, coats, bowls, sweaters, crates, chews, and bones.
  • Cats want to play and scratch – Sixteen percent of cat-related searches were for “cat toy,” earning the leading spot among the most popular cat gifts this season.
  • Also clawing their way into the top ten, in order: “scratch” items, beds, catnip, collars, treats, carriers, bowls, trees, and of course condos.
  • Diggin’ for Deals – Searches for dog products accompanied by the word “sale” were 16% more common within dog-related searches than when “sale” was used within cat-related searches, indicating dog owners are more likely to seek discounts.

Here’s where the most pet-lovers are:

  • Top Five Dog-Loving States– Dogs are living the dream in California, where 9.2% of all dog-related site searches originated. Grabbing 7.7% of dog item searches was New York State, followed by Florida (5.8%) and then Pennsylvania and Texas, which virtually tied with 5.7%.
  • Top Five Cat-Loving States– Cats also find most comfort in California. More than 10% of U.S. searches for cat products originated in the Golden State, with New York (8.9%) close behind, followed by Pennsylvania (6.5%), Florida (6.1%) and Wisconsin (5.8%).
  • New York and California also virtually tied for top searches for “kitten” items.

Cat lovers, you have your work cut out this year.

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