March Madness in the Office: Still a Good Idea

Last March we reported on research findings suggesting that it’s actually good for employee morale and productivity to allow staff to enjoy the NCAA basketball tournament in the office. Further research doubles down on this conclusion.

This ongoing research is from staffing firm Robert Half.

Robert Half found that…

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When Cat’s Away, the Mice Become Marginally Less Productive

What happens when a senior manager leaves the company? Does the office fall apart, or do the remaining employees rally to the challenge? Staffing firm Robert Half set out to get some answers.

The company surveyed both workers and Chief Financial Officers, and found that employee productivity can take a…

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Cities Where Techies are Happiest

The job satisfaction of technology executives has become of increasing concern to U.S. companies, as the role of technology has become ever-more mission critical.

Overall, America’s Chief Information Officers report having rather high levels of job satisfaction. But things are better in some cities than in others…

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Bosses, Heal Thyself

Companies and bosses are always talking about the skill set they wish their workers had, but what about the boss’ skills?

After all, a company can get by with one or two less-than-perfect employees, but an incompetent manager can ruin the place.

A new study from staffing firm…

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Corporate Boards Still Lack Diversity

“Diversity” has been a buzzword for corporations in recent years. As companies look to serve an increasingly diverse customer base they often tout their progress in diversifying their workforce. However, when it comes to the top positions there’s still work to be done.

This was the finding of a…

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