Incomes Are Rising in the U.S., But Not in All Places

We’ve seen some healthy increases in incomes across the country recently, with the average rise in personal income hitting 4.7 percent nationally in 2015. However, not all areas of the country benefited equally.

In fact, personal income grew in 2015 in 2,552 counties, fell in 548, and…

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Inappropriate Holiday Office Gifting

You have to be careful when gifting in a professional setting, especially during the holiday season. Giving the wrong gift may offend – or worse, identify you as a crackpot.

Staffing firm Accountemps recently asked human resources (HR) managers to recount some of the more “memorable” gifts given during the holidays…

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Avoid These Embarrassing Holiday Party Gaffes

Nearly every office has a legend – often shared in whispers near the coffee machine – of some colleague who did something really memorable at a holiday office party. You don’t want to be that person.

Staffing firm Robert Half recently collected some examples of memorable holiday party behavior, and shared…

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Unemployment Drops Nationwide, But Conditions Vary by Metro Area

As the unemployment rate drops below 5% after years of steady declines, it’s useful to note that not all areas are benefiting equally from the improved jobs situation.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently compiled its data comparing unemployment rates in 387 metropolitan areas across the country…

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For Millennials, the Whole World is the Home Office

Millennials may be the most mobile, work-anywhere generation in American history. Technology and globalization are enabling an unprecedented level of opportunities, and today’s crop of young adults are eager to take full advantage of what’s “out there.”

Companies should take heed of this larger trend, according to…

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