How We Spend Our Time

In 2017, 82 percent of employed persons worked on an average weekday, compared with 33 percent on an average weekend day, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

Multiple jobholders were more likely to work on an average weekend day than were single jobholders–57 percent, compared with 30…

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Study Reveals Growing Threat of OB-GYN Shortages

The U.S. faces growing shortage in obstetricians and gynecologists (OB-GYN) due to a maturing workforce and coming retirement wave, according to a study just released by medical social network Doximity.

This report, “2018 OB-GYN Workforce Study,” examined significant factors impacting the specialty, including high maternity workloads that…

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Creative Skills Can Get You a Great Job

Discussions about in-demand job skills usually focus on technical proficiency. However, there’s ample evidence that having creative skills can also boost a person’s prospects for employment.

New research from staffing firm The Creative Group shows that digital initiatives will drive hiring of creative professionals in the second…

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IT Skills Gap Is Slowing Global Economic Growth

A lack of critical IT skills is actually slowing the growth of the global economy, a new study from IT and professional training services Global Knowledge suggests.

Global Knowledge’s 11th annual IT Skills and Salary Report was based on responses from 16,000 IT professionals from around the world…

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