No More 9-to-5

More than two-thirds of global employees work remotely every week, and over 50% do so for at least half of the week, heralding a major reassessment of corporate real estate, according to a new global study from workspace specialist IWG.

The emergence of this mobile workforce has been driven…

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The State of Real Personal Income

We hear a lot these days about wages: Are they rising fast enough that we can declare this a truly strong economy? Or are corporate profits and asset values roaring upward, while people’s wages post weak gains?  The government’s Bureau of Economic Analysis provides some clues:

The BEA…

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Are You Dressing for Success, or Failure?

Clothing choices can affect your chances of being promoted, a new report from staffing firm OfficeTeam finds.

OfficeTeam interviewed professionals and managers on the subject of clothing choices.

The majority of professionals (86 percent) and managers (80 percent) surveyed said clothing choices affect someone’s chances of being promoted.


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Nurses to Play Bigger Role in Management of Patient Care

America’s nurses play a larger role these days in the management of patient care than was ever the case previously, a recent University of Phoenix College of Health Professions survey finds.

According to the survey, more than eight in 10 registered nurses (RNs) agree that healthcare professionals besides physicians…

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Avoid These Resume and Interview Mistakes

Staffing firm Robert Half Technology is offering advice on how not to blow your next job search.

Though this advice is geared toward technology professionals, much of it applies to applicants for any position. Robert Half Technology interviewed CIOs about their experiences hiring (or not hiring) job candidates.

In terms…

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