Advice for New Managers

Being promoted to a management role is one of life’s milestones. For many professionals, it marks the moment that their careers really began. However, it’s not all peaches and cream.

In fact, new managers face a number of challenges. Recently, the staffing pros at Robert Half Management Resources…

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American Workers Are Vacation Challenged

A depressing new study finds that many Americans don’t get enough vacation days, and many are shy about taking the ones they do get.

Staffing firm Accountemps conducted a nationwide survey, and found that one-third of professionals (33 percent) feel they don’t have enough vacation time.


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When You Want to Land a Job, Timing Is Key

Job seekers have different opinions on what time of day is the best time for a job interview. Should you be the first interview, or the last? Some new data suggests that the early bird gets the worm – or job.

Staffing firm Accountemps recently interviewed a number of corporate chief…

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Is the Traditional Resume Obsolete?

Is the old-fashioned, printed resume an anachronism in the age of Linkedin and personal websites? Not in the least, according to staffing firm The Creative Group. In fact, an old-school resume can be your secret weapon.

The company recently polled advertising and marketing executives, and found that nearly…

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Job Advice for the Class of 2016

This year’s college grads should find the job market a bit more welcoming than their forebears in this “Post Great Recession” economy. Companies are planning on hiring more college graduates compared to last year. However, entry-level aspirants still need to have to be on their best game.


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