If You Can Make It There…

New York has been named as the best city for launching a career in a new study from Bankrate.

The company evaluated 100 U.S. cities using such criteria as job prospects, pay potential, quality of life, social opportunities and career advancement.

Find the complete ranking HERE.

New York stood…

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Administrative Professional Pick Their Favorite TV Character Surrogate

We all like to have professional surrogates on TV, whether we are teachers, or police officers — or administrative professionals.

Perhaps this is especially true of administrative professionals who, let’s face it, aren’t exactly working glamorous jobs.

Recently, Administrative Professionals Week polled members of its constituency to find out…

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Jet Lag Affects Women More than Men

Jet lag, switching to the night shift and other conditions caused by shifted sleep, may have a bigger impact on women than men, according to some new research.

This research, from the Surrey Sleep Research Centre at the University of Surrey, in England, found that shifted sleep-wake cycles affect…

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How Much Time Do We Waste on Work Email?

We take for granted that email is an essential part of our work lives – a thing that we can’t live without, or be away from for more than a few days at a time. But dealing with email can also waste a lot of our time.

Staffing firm Robert…

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A Little Stress is a Good Thing

Many people yearn for a stress-free life. However, a new survey shows that a little bit of work stress helps us to be more productive.

Staffing firm The Creative Group interviewed more than 400 advertising and marketing executives, and nearly a third of them said that the more stress…

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