These “Blue Collar” Jobs Pay Well, and Need Workers

With so many young people going to college and getting on the “white collar” career track, certain “blue collar” jobs provide wide-open opportunities for those who can live without office life.

In particular, the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industries are suffering a shortage of qualified workers.


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March Madness in the Office

Last year, research from staffing firm Robert Half found that allowing employees to participate in March Madness college basketball activities at work can actually boost worker morale. Now, the firm is refining their suggestions with a new round of March Madness tips and guidelines.

It was certainly interesting to learn…

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America’s Women Entrepreneurs Find Strength in Large Cities

A new study finds that there has been a dramatic increase in women entrepreneurs in the nation’s 25 largest cities.

The study, from the Center for an Urban Future, finds that the number of women-owned businesses in the 25 largest American cities increased by 43% over the past…

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American Workers Shift Focus to their Personal Lives

Maybe it’s a sign of an improving economy, but more American workers are shifting their work/life balance in favor of life this year.

In fact, 54% of workers interviewed recently for staffing firm Robert Half said they have increased their commitment to their personal life over the last…

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How to Blow Your Video Job Interview

People do some incredibly stupid things during video job interviews, according to staffing firm Robert Half.

Robert Half interviewed senior managers, and asked what were some of the top video interview bloopers they had encountered:

The candidate’s dog walked in front of the camera.
One applicant picked up and…

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