High Health Care Costs Eat Up Social Security Checks for Seniors

Health care costs are taking a bigger slice of social security benefits for many seniors – especially those who opted to take early benefits, according to a new study.

The Nationwide Retirement Institute recently surveyed retirees, (through Harris), and found that many recent retirees – those retired 10 years or less – wished…

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Most Americans Don't Price Shop for Healthcare Services, Survey Finds

The latest HealthMine Wellness Survey finds that 70% of U.S. consumers still don’t price shop for healthcare services.

HealthMine, a healthcare technology firm, said that health plan sponsors are part of the problem, with just 29% offering a price comparison tool.

Yet, shopping for medical services or pharmaceutical…

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Millennials Still Like Credit Cards, According to FICO

Millennials are gaining fame as a relatively credit-shy generation. Coming of age in the post-financial crisis years – and saddled with massive college debt –members of this generation tend to be suspicious of consumer credit, and wary of debt.

However, a new survey from FICO revealed that one-in…

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KBB Ranks the 10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000

Cool doesn’t have to cost you a fortune when it comes to what you drive.

Vehicle valuation service Kelley Blue Book recently decided which value-priced vehicles offer the most in the way of cool for its 10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000 list.

But what makes a vehicle…

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This App Makes Reservations, Orders and Pays the Check

A new dining app does everything but eat your food when dining out.

The app, called Nirvana XP, is being unveiled at the National Restaurant Association’s NRA Show this week.

Using it, you’ll have a single, secure, mobile application to check in, pre-order in advance upon check…

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