The Best Family Cars, According to Kelley Blue Book

It’s getting harder and harder to pick a “best” new vehicle these days, since the quality and features of nearly every new vehicle sold has reached a high level in recent years. There aren’t many lemons being built, and the differences among various models is often quite small…

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The Lowest-Cost Vehicles, Five Years On

Cars and trucks really show what they cost over time. Some impose relatively large operating costs on their buyers, while others shape up as frugal purchases. Sometimes the bargain vehicle on the lot isn’t such a bargain over time.

So it’s important that Kelley Blue Book keeps track…

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Insure Your Love

They say the best things in life are free, and “it’s the thought that counts” — but some people like to mark Valentine’s Day by giving gifts that are worth big money. If you’re on the receiving end of that kind of love, it’s time to think…

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Romance Scams Increase This Time of Year

Valentine’s Day brings out a combination of romantics, would-be romantics and, apparently, criminals looking to take advantage of the lonely.

For this reason, Pennsylvania’s Department of Banking and Securities is warning consumers about the dangers of online scams when a person on the Internet is not who…

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New Car Prices Keep Going Up

New vehicle transaction prices have reached absurd levels in recent years. In fact, Americans now pay an average of $34,968 for a new vehicle, according to Kelley Blue Book data from January.

Manufacturer lease deals, low interest financing and stretched-out repayment terms have all been brought to bear…

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