Why South Dakota Is Considered the Best State to Grow Old In

South Dakota shows up on various lists of “great places to retire” or “best places for seniors.” Just last week it was named “best state to grow old” in a new Caring.com report. Why is this?

You would think that South Dakota’s harsh winters would knock it off…

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Here Are The 10 Best 40+ MPG Cars

Saving on gas is always a nice thing – so long as you don’t have to suffer too much to do it. Fortunately, today’s crop of economy cars offer big green savings with few compromises.

Recently, Kelley Blue Book named their picks for the top 10 40+ MPG Cars…

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Government Consumer Watchdog Cracks Down on Student Loan Scam

Many people are eager, even desperate, to get some relief from their student loan payments. Unfortunately, there are bad actors who are all too eager to rip those people off.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently cracked down on one company for engaging in shady practices to “help” people…

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Here Are Kelly Blue Book’s Picks for the 10 Best Sedans Under $25,000

The term “affordable sedan” used to refer to a car that was basic, sensible and rather boring. However, the latest crop of sedans under $25k offer style and performance that has to be experienced, according to vehicle valuation experts at Kelly Blue Book.

KBB’s editors recently tested 2016 models…

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Will the Global Cable “Cord Cutting” Movement Fizzle?

The cable companies are running scared, as their various bundles and promotions fail and consumers turn to other choices. Traditional TV is dying – at least according to some pundits.

However, there’s some new research that tells a different story.

Nielsen recently released global survey data, finding that traditional TV…

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