KBB Picks the Best Used Cars Under $8,000

With new car prices averaging $33,801, many Americans are looking for a good deal on a quality used car. Fortunately, they have the experts at Kelley Blue Book to help them make the best choice.

KBB recently set out to determine the best used cars under $8,000.


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Collect This

America’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has its sights set on the consumer credit collections industry, and it doesn’t like what it sees.

The collections industry buys “bad debt” from various creditors, including credit card companies, auto lenders and other, similar companies.

It then sets out to collect…

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Have You Ever Met a Mosquito You Actually Liked?

Mosquitos aren’t beloved creatures. They’re not cute, endearing or smart. About the only things they’re good for is annoying us (at best) and spreading disease (at worst). For the most part, we just want to keep them away.

This is particularly important this year, with the threat…

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The True Cost of Healthcare

If you’re wondering why health insurance is so expensive in the U.S. (and who isn’t?) some recent data sheds light on one of the big underlying causes.

Sure, there are many reasons: the insurance companies make profit, there’s a lot of cost-shifting and the system…

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Millennials Are Avoiding Stocks

The financial crisis – and subsequent Great Recession – have taken a heavy toll on the Millennial generation. Many of them carried a heavy burden of student debt through years of sluggish job growth, anemic wage growth and ever-delayed plans for such basic adult pleasures as moving out of mom’s…

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