How to Save Money During the Cold Weather Months

Heating bills can really pile up during the cold weather month. Even folks who live in warm areas can find themselves cranking up the heat during a cold snap – only to receive a “gotcha” in the mail from their local utility.

Thankfully, there are ways to reduce this financial pain…

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These Vehicles Have the Best Resale Value

A great deal on a new vehicle will only stay great if the operating costs remain competitive, and the resale value is strong at trade-in time. A new report from Kelley Blue Book examines the latter.

KBB recently ranked vehicles on resale value, and awarded top honors to the…

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The ‘$20 Rule’ – and How to Control Credit Card Debt

A lot of the advice you get about how to manage credit card debt is simple common sense: pay off your bills in full each month; don’t finance big-ticket items at high interest, etc. Some of the advice is a bit strange: freeze your credit cards in ice…

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Credit Card Debt by State

It seems that the warmer Americans get, the greater their chances are of carrying a heavy credit card debt burden.

At least that’s one theory we have after reading’s latest report on credit card debt burden by state.

According to the report, Florida, Texas, Georgia and…

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Cats Protest Unfair Holiday Treatment

Cats will never think of themselves as second-class citizen/pets – but they are starting to wonder, and a sense of outrage is spreading in the cat community.

The reason for this feline unrest? It seems that a new study showed that dogs will receive 2.5 times as many…

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