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KBB Ranks the 10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000

Cool doesn’t have to cost you a fortune when it comes to what you drive.

Vehicle valuation service Kelley Blue Book recently decided which value-priced vehicles offer the most in the way of cool for its 10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000 list.

But what makes a vehicle…

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This App Makes Reservations, Orders and Pays the Check

A new dining app does everything but eat your food when dining out.

The app, called Nirvana XP, is being unveiled at the National Restaurant Association’s NRA Show this week.

Using it, you’ll have a single, secure, mobile application to check in, pre-order in advance upon check…

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Cars and Causes

Consumers are more likely to buy a vehicle if the company selling it is promoting a social good campaign, a new report from Kelley Blue Book finds.

While styling, performance and fuel economy are still the big drivers of sales, car companies can still benefit by promoting the things they…

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Why South Dakota Is Considered the Best State to Grow Old In

South Dakota shows up on various lists of “great places to retire” or “best places for seniors.” Just last week it was named “best state to grow old” in a new Caring.com report. Why is this?

You would think that South Dakota’s harsh winters would knock it off…

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Here Are The 10 Best 40+ MPG Cars

Saving on gas is always a nice thing – so long as you don’t have to suffer too much to do it. Fortunately, today’s crop of economy cars offer big green savings with few compromises.

Recently, Kelley Blue Book named their picks for the top 10 40+ MPG Cars…

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