Blue Light Special, On Flu Shots

Kmart Pharmacies across the country are offering flu shots that the company said will cost $0 with “most insurance plans asterisk”.

What a brave new world we live in: flu shots at Kmart (original home of the “Blue Light Special”), with insurance companies paying for them. What happened?

Actually, this…

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New Service Lets You Pay by the Month for Airline Tickets

Paying for expensive airline tickets online is easy – so long as you have enough in your account, or a credit card. What do you do when neither of those things apply, and you really, really need to fly?

Now you have an option, courtesy of says…

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What Happens to Gift Cards When Retailers Go Bankrupt?

A new report underscores the importance of using gift cards within a year or so of receiving them – even when there is no official time limit on the card.

The reason for acting fast: the retailer that issued the card may go bankrupt, leaving the card-holder high and dry…

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These Medical Devices Are Approved to Treat Obesity

There’s a lot of quackery out there. This is especially true of the weight-loss market, so the U.S. Food and Drug Administration wants to clarify which weight loss procedures are approved.

Medical procedures designed to help people lose weight are more popular than ever. This is due…

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