Credit Card Debt by State

It seems that the warmer Americans get, the greater their chances are of carrying a heavy credit card debt burden.

At least that’s one theory we have after reading’s latest report on credit card debt burden by state.

According to the report, Florida, Texas, Georgia and…

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Cats Protest Unfair Holiday Treatment

Cats will never think of themselves as second-class citizen/pets – but they are starting to wonder, and a sense of outrage is spreading in the cat community.

The reason for this feline unrest? It seems that a new study showed that dogs will receive 2.5 times as many…

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Find Out the Truth Before You Hire a Home Care Provider

A partnership between senior care resource and home care “satisfaction management” firm Home Care Pulse aims to make it easier for families to identify the best care providers for their loved ones.

With the deal, Home Care Pulse will post authentic consumer feedback from surveys they perform on…

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Will Car Prices Ever Line Up with Incomes?

There’s been a disturbing trend in consumer behavior in recent years: people are buying way more car than they can afford.

The median U.S. household income was $54,457 in 2014, yet the average transaction price for a new vehicle is up past $30,000.

According to a…

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Drug Companies Try to Deflect Blame for High Prices, Fail

Consumers continue to hold drug companies responsible for high drug prices and out-of-pocket costs despite efforts by the industry to deflect blame, a new survey finds.

The survey, from the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association, finds most voters blame drug companies not only for high drug prices, but also…

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