Americans May Lose Trust in Automakers

Americans now believe that the “emissions crisis” could spread beyond German carmaker Volkswagen, according to a new survey from Kelley Blue and Autotrader.

By now most car buyers are aware of the recent scandal involving Volkswagen. To sum it up, the German carmaker fudged the emissions certification for its diesel…

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New-Car Transaction Prices Rise Again

The ever-increasing amounts that Americans are paying for new vehicles reached new highs in September.

According to Kelly Blue Book, U.S. buyers paid an average transaction price (ATP) for light vehicles in of $33,730 in September.

This was up by $660 from September 2014, and up $167…

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Customer Service: Most Are Willing to Praise, or Complain

A surprisingly large number of people (71%) say they likely to contact a company with feedback after a good customer experience, according to the results of a survey from staffing firm OfficeTeam. The bad news: an even larger number (79%) would reach out after receiving bad service.

Whether you are…

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Running Shoes: As the Price Goes Up, Satisfaction Goes Down

Buying premium-priced running shows doesn’t necessarily bring a premium in satisfaction. In fact, the more people spend, the less happy they are, according to a new study of consumers.

The study, by show comparison site, looked at 134,867 reviews of 391 different running shoes from…

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The Wrong Doggy Door Can Really Cost You

Doggy doors can be huge leakers of your home’s climate-controlled air – or they can be among the most energy-efficient openings in the home.

A company called Freedom Pet Pass makes a line of dog and cat doors that have been approved to wear the California Energy Commission…

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