Healthcare Bullies Are a Threat to Patient Safety, Report Finds

Bullying or aggressive behaviors between healthcare providers can seriously impact safe patient care, a report from the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority finds.

“Facility-reported events between healthcare providers in Pennsylvania included descriptions of verbal abuse, intimidating behaviors, and work interference,” said Dr. Ellen S. Deutsch, medical director for the Authority…

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New Cars Unaffordable for Most Americans, Bankrate Finds

A median-income household can only afford the average-priced new car in one of the 25 largest U.S. metropolitan areas, according to a new report. Washington, D.C. came out on top.

The study adhered to the “20/4/10” rule: a 20% down payment, a…

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The Internet of Things May be a Boon to Hackers

The Internet of Things is upon us, as the number of connected devices has grown to include everything from garage door openers to coffee makers. This may not be an entirely good thing.

According to new research from consumer security specialist, BullGuard, millions are at serious risk of hacking and…

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Most Americans Think They Are Prepared for a Disaster

Two-thirds of U.S. adults feel they would be prepared if an emergency or disaster struck their community today, a new survey from Princeton Survey Research Associates International finds.

This includes 20 percent who say they would be very prepared.

However, one-third of Americans say they do not…

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Tick Testing

A new test allows you to find out if a tick that’s bitten you is carrying lyme disease.

The test, called the Cutter Lyme Disease Tick Test, is billed by its maker as “…a quick, inexpensive and 99.9% accurate DNA test result.”

Sounds good.

According to the U…

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