Volkswagen, and the Price of Lying

Volkswagen is facing scrutiny, official sanction and lawsuits over the recent revelations that the German automaker fudged the emissions testing on their diesel models bound for the U.S. market. But the damage to the Volkswagen diesel brand can already be seen, and measured.

Kelley Blue Book is reporting that…

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Pets: New Ways of Sneaking Meds Into Treats

Pets are geniuses at sniffing out, and avoiding, medications. You can sneak them into treats, but your pet will usually find them, and spit them out.

Now there’s a new option for fooling your pet into taking his/her meds.

Pet treat maker Greenies is offering their Pill Pockets…

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Those Coupon-Clipping, Brick-and-Mortar Millennials

The millennial generation may be tech-savvy and progressive, but in many ways they express a frugality not seen since the Great Depression generation. And they like to shop in traditional stores.

A new report by and research firm Bovitz dispelled some myths, and uncovered some surprising truths…

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Smoke Alarms You Can Live With

Smoke alarms save lives, and nobody in their right mind should be without them. Yet, the annoying low-battery chirping and over-sensitivity of many others ones prompted otherwise responsible people to abandon them. If you’re one of these folks, you should take a look at the latest smoke…

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How to Save Thousands of Dollars a Year

“Where does it all go?” is a question asked by many working Americans, who seem hard-pressed to save any money toward emergencies and retirement. However, the answer may be steaming in our hands each morning.

Credit counseling firm GreenPath Debt Solution recently compiled some stats on everyday spending by…

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