Back-to-School Vaccines Are for Grown-Ups, Too

If you’re taking your kids to the doctor for their back to school vaccinations, why not use the occasion to ensure that your own immunizations are up to date as well? That’s the sage advice being handed out by the American Osteopathic Association.

(Now, before we go any…

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10 Savings Tips for College Students

College students need all the help they need when it comes to saving money. Who better to advise them than the pros at online tax preparation software company

Here are the company’s top 10 tips:

1.    Go on a cash diet.

Overspending is just like overeating. How…

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Back-to-School Sale Avoidance Continues

Americans have been avoiding back-to-school sales, and the trend seems to be getting worse for retailers.

According to an ongoing shopper behavior study conducted by The Integer Group and M/A/R/C Research, the number of consumers who indicated that they would not be shopping back-to…

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The Tyranny of “Mini” Snack Food Treats

Have you noticed that there are now shrunken “mini” versions of your favorite guilty-pleasure snack foods? There are mini cookies, mini chocolates, mini donuts — and now mini Tastykake Cupcakes.

Tastykake is selling their new line of mini cupcakes as, “perfectly portioned little indulgences” with a serving size of three…

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