Reinsuring Healthcare

Reinsurance is how insurance companies protect themselves against catastrophic losses. This is insurance on insurance, and for Americans using Obamacare, the issue of reinsurance has become very relevant lately.

By providing reinsurance to health insurance companies, the government may be able to prevent massive rate increases for people buying insurance…

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St. Patrick's Day Salad Bar

It turns out your neighborhood Irish pub might not be the only place to eat and drink on St. Patrick’s Day as national chain restaurants trended last year as the top spots according to Lyft riders.

Last year, not only did St. Patrick’s Day party goers taking a…

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The Goodwill Box Gives Back

You’ve probably donated clothing or other items to Goodwill at one time or another. Now the nonprofit organization behind the thrift stores and donation boxes wants to make sure that people with low incomes are getting something back.

Goodwill is raising public awareness about the Earned Income Tax Credit…

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Americans Spend $324,000 on Impulse Buys in Their Lifetime, Slickdeals Finds

A survey of 2,000 Americans about impulse spending, and found that respondents spend an average of $450 every month and that adds up to $5,400 annually, or $324,000 over the course of their lifetime, deal sharing platform Slickdeals reports.

According to the respondents, one in five purchases…

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