Thanksgiving On The Cheap

Sometimes you just don’t have a huge budget for your holiday feast. Sometimes you just want to economize a bit. For both occasions, make use of your local “dollar store”.

These dollar stores have really proliferated in recent years, and chances are you have one nearby. If you haven…

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Your Dog, Your Gums

Did you know you can get gum disease from your lover, or even your dog?

Gum disease is a serious condition. It can impair your health in many ways, and even make you more susceptible to infection following surgery.

Former surgical nurse Jeanne Dockins, (RN, BSN) has become something of…

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These Are the States Where Auto Insurance Costs Less

CarData Consultants recently ranked the 50 states according to which ones have the lowest average auto insurance premiums. The results aren’t all that surprising.

While insurance rates have been steadily rising across the country, states with lower premiums do still exist.

The 10 states that feature the lowest premium…

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Here Are the 5 Main Causes of Auto Accidents

Insurance quotes website Low cost car insurance price has released a new blog post presenting the top 5 causes of car accidents in the United States and how these influences auto insurance prices.

Distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding and bad weather conditions are the leading causes of car accidents in…

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Digital Insurance Claims Can Speed the Process, and Save Money

Let’s say you have a fender-bender. Your car needs repair, and you need to file a claim with your insurance company. Do you use a mobile app, and file the claim digitally, or do you go about things the old way, and wait for a claims adjuster to…

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