Students Beat the Heat - and "Summer Slide" - with School-Approved Popular Ebooks

Recent research confirms that providing year-round access to books and engaging families in literacy activities helps students maintain and grow their reading skills. To achieve these goals, more than 18,000 schools in the US and Canada are participating in OverDrive Summer Read, an annual program designed to encourage…

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How Student Debt Puts a Drag on Entrepreneurship

Student loan debt is keeping almost half of soon-to-be college graduates from becoming entrepreneurs according to a new survey from personal finance website, which looked at the entrepreneurial ambitions of college students graduating in the next 12 months.

These findings reflect broader entrepreneurship trends. New

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Community Colleges Remain Popular

The Great Recession prompted a spike in community college enrollment, as millions of Americans found themselves jobless and sought training for new careers. Better times have come since, yet community college enrollment levels are still running at higher levels than in the years leading up to the recession. There are…

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Class Of 2019: Chances of Getting Hired Look Promising

For the graduating class of 2019, global staffing firm
Robert Half’s research suggests the chances of being hired are good.

According to a survey of employers across the United
States, 83 percent of senior managers are likely to hire those who’ve recently
earned a college degree.


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