Student Debt May Be Hurting the Economy

Many younger American adults are delaying major life events, (like buying a house), due to their having high levels of student debt, a new study finds. When this happens, the larger economy can suffer.

The study, from Bankrate, found that 56% of millennials with current or past student loans have…

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Keeping Young Minds Fit Over the Summer Months

A summer away from books and reading can cause children to lose some of their reading skills. A new program from retailer Macy’s and Reading Is Fundamental aims to make sure this doesn’t happen.

The two have teamed up for the past twelve years on the Be Book…

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Is the University “Tuition Tsunami” Ready to End?

After years of passing big annual tuition increases, university leaders now fear that they won’t be able to maintain enrollment. Is the tuition explosion that has created a generation of young debt slaves finally reaching a point of unsustainability?

Let’s hope so, since tuition is still on the…

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Career Advice for/from High School Seniors

High school seniors can really profit by preparing for careers in STEM-related fields (science, technology, engineering and math) – since this is where they’ll find the most lucrative career opportunities.

Some new research from CareerBuilder and EMSI asked high school seniors what they’re aiming for, and found that…

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Empty Nest, with 72” Flat-Screen TV

Does life begin once the kids leave for college? It’s certainly a time of adjustment for parents, and a new study finds that many “empty nesters” adjust by traveling, visiting friends and otherwise pampering themselves.

Online offers site RetailMeNot has released the latest edition of its Shoppers Trend Report…

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