How to Avoid Eye Strain

When COVID-19 first shut classrooms in the spring, we got a glimpse into the digital challenges of distance learning.

Among them, kids aren’t immune to developing tired, dry eyes from concentrating on laptops and tablets for extended periods of time.

The discomfort drove some of them…

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How to Update a Home to Accommodate Schooling, from RE/MAX

Since Spring 2020, homes have been working overtime. Kitchen tables turned conference rooms, garages turned gyms and bathrooms turned spas.

As many parents and caregivers prepare to welcome the upcoming school year, they’re also looking to update their homes to become places for young minds to grow.

What may…

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College Cancellation Insurance

What happens if you have to leave college early? Do you get a refund for the unused tuition and fees? College insurance provider GradGuard has some answers.

In fact, one out of four students who enroll in college, don’t complete their degree. As a result, college families can benefit…

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How to Address Student Trauma During and After Distance Learning

Every teacher in every school has students who have experienced or are living with trauma in their lives – and that trauma may be escalating with distance learning.

Learn4Life, a network of charter schools that focuses on at-risk students, emphasizes the need to support students’ social-emotional health and help…

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