When Hiring an Employee, Avoid the Perils of a 'Mismatched Skill Set'

Sometimes employers are so eager to fill a vacancy that they hire the wrong person. Sometimes this “wrong person” has an outstanding resume, and a strong record of performance. But if that employee’s skills aren’t right for your business, the results can be a disaster for all involved…

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Small Business: Recruit, or Wait for Resumes?

To recruit or not to recruit? This is the question facing many small businesses as the job market tightens.

Hiring a headhunter or recruiting firm can add expense to the hiring process. Why not just place ads and sift through the applicant’s resumes?

One big reason to consider recruiting…

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Small Businesses Unprepared for Cyberattacks

Most U.S. small businesses are woefully unprepared for cyberattacks, a new survey finds.

The survey, from insurer Nationwide, found that most small-business owners (78 percent) still don’t have a cyberattack response plan, even though more than half (54 percent) were victim to at least one type of…

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Homesick Scientists

Workers in the life science professions often travel abroad to pursue career opportunities. The problem is, they tend to get homesick fast.

According to a study from recruiting firms Hobson Prior, 43% of life science professionals who move overseas for a permanent job stay for just two years or less…

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The Creativity of the Cubicle Dweller

What type of workspace stimulates your creativity more: a cubicle, an open floorplan office or a private office? Employers everywhere would like to know the answer.

Accordingly, the pros at staffing firm The Creative Group set out to get it.

They polled advertising and marketing executives and workers, asking, “Which…

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