Nearly Half of Cyberattacks Target Small Businesses, Study Finds

Almost half of all cyberattacks (43%) are directed at small businesses, according to data compiled by the small businesses mentoring specialists at SCORE.

Macro malware is the predominant type of cybercrime affecting small businesses, with online banking and ransomware attacks trailing close behind.

Small businesses were affected by 113,000…

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Integration are Becoming Necessary Business Skills

The days when businesses could ignore blockchain technology cryptocurrencies are over. This is especially true for finance professionals, according to staffing firm Robert Half.

Blockchain isn’t just disrupting how business is conducted, it’s disrupting the demands on accounting and finance functions.

One of the most well-known ways…

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Consumers are embracing AI and will reward organizations that offer more human-like AI experiences, new research from Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute finds.

Capgemini is in consulting, technology services and digital transformation.

It finds that, as more consumers prefer engaging with organizations through a mix of AI and humans…

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A Low Performing Employee Can Really Cost You

An employee who can’t keep up with work demands takes a heavier toll on a business than some may think, new research from staffing firm Robert Half suggests.

Robert Half recently asked CFOs to estimate how much time is spent coaching underperforming employees. The answer: 26 percent of working…

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Your Online Corporate Reputation Matters

Your online reputation could mean the difference between getting attention from journalists, or getting spiked.

Digital communications firm Lumentus recently took a poll of more than 200 journalists nationwide, and found that more than 70 percent of respondents use a Google search is their first step in performing background research…

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