How Pyramid Schemes Work

The hard economic times we’ve had in recent years have brought all kinds of scammers and crooks out of the woodwork. Many of these criminals have preyed on the financial desperation many Americans experienced, and offered them what seemed like easy money. One of their favorite scams is the…

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Don’t Get Taken by Fake Contractors

This is the time of year when homeowners repair winter damage, perform normal maintenance or undertake special projects on their homes. Many of them hire contractors to ensure that the job is done right. However, not all of these contractors are legit.

To make sure that you don’t get…

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Beware This Craigslist Auto Scam

Organized groups of thieves are stealing cars by duping sellers who use craigslist to list their vehicles for sale. In many cases, the sellers don’t know they’ve been robbed until the thieves are long gone.

It works like this: unscrupulous would-be buyers respond to a craigslist ad…

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Scam alert: LED Lamps with Counterfeit UL Marks May be Hazardous

Safety consulting and certifying company UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is warning of some LED lamps being sold to American consumers that bear a counterfeit UL Mark. This may mean that the lamps don’t actually meet current safety standards, and shouldn’t be used in homes.

You’ve probably seen the…

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Phishing for Investors

A website set up to help investors recover stocks and cash from failed brokerage firms is now being used by crooks in phishing schemes.

The Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which maintains a special reserve fund mandated by Congress to protect the customers of insolvent brokerage firms, is warning of…

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