Living with a Roommate Can Save Renters $515 a Month

Renters can save $515 a month by sharing their home or apartment with at least one roommate instead of renting a one-bedroom unit on their own, according to the inaugural HotPads Rooms for Rent Index.

Nationally, the median rent for a one-bedroom home or
apartment is $1…

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How iBuyers Fuel the Rise in Investor-Owned Homes

One of the big trends post-recession has been the phenomenon of big investors buying single-family homes. This trend has been fueled by technology, as specialized firms now use the internet to find and purchase inventory.

In the past, large investors often found that investing in
SFHs was awkward…

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More Than a Third of Home Buyers Now Make More Than $100,000

Home buyers have long earned more than twice as much money, on average, as renters — a gap that’s remained relatively stable for more than a decade.

But a new analysis from online real estate company
Zillow shows buyers are beginning to distance themselves from other income

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