Gender Gap in Pay Keeps Many Women Out of the Property Market

It’s well known that women – as a population — make less than men in the U.S. In fact, women who work full time made around 80 cents for every dollar earned by men in 2015. This can have real consequences in terms of buying power.

Case in point: a…

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A Tough State for First-Time Homebuyers

New data from Bankrate shows that California is the toughest state for first-time homebuyers. Hawaii and New York round out the “top” three.

Bankrate’s study evaluated all 50 U.S. states based on several factors pertaining to young adults, including home affordability relative to median income, credit availability…

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Millennials Are Buying in the ‘Burbs

Apparently, the nation’s suburbs have become the destinations of choice for Millennial homebuyers.

A report from online real estate firm Zillow finds almost half of millennial homeowners live in the suburbs.

The majority stay in the same city when they buy a home, revealing their home-buying preferences now…

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Overoptimistic Americans

There are more Americans planning on buying a home this year than there are available homes, a new study from Bankrate finds.

According to Bankrate, 59 million American adults (one in four) are considering buying a home this year. This includes about 16 million who are very likely and 20…

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Home Buying “In Sin”

In an earlier and less progressive age unmarried couples were said to be “shacking up” or “living in sin” – but no more. Nowadays, living together as an unmarried couple is so commonplace, so normal, that many of these couples are buying houses.

According to a new study from online real…

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