National Ladder Safety Month Kicks Off

American Ladder Institute’s fourth annual National
Ladder Safety Month is underway.

Starting Sunday, February 23, National Ladder Safety Month will emphasize ladder safety through a variety of channels. Everyone, from large organizations to the everyday user, can participate.

To play a part in decreasing ladder injuries and…

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Nearly Half of Homeowners Plan to Move in 2020s, LendingTree Survey Finds

Forty-five percent of homeowners have plans to move to a different house within the next decade while a few millennials question whether homeownership is the best fit, according to a recent survey from LendingTree.

LendingTree commissioned the survey of more than 1,500
Americans to better understand their sentiments…

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How to Trim Your Energy Use

If saving money made your New Year’s resolution list, start by cutting your energy use, to save money year-round. With some simple lifestyle tweaks, you can trim your energy usage and help keep your 2020 budget in check, according to Duke Energy.

Here are ways to monitor and…

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