Investors Are Buying Single-Family Homes to Rent Out

One trend that accelerated following the Great Recession was the incidence of investors buying single-family homes to rent out.

Traditionally, single-family homes have been owned by the
occupants. Home ownership is the backbone of the “American Dream”. Owning a
single-family home is the greatest (often the only…

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Overlooked Expenses Can Cost Renters an Extra $3,400 a Year

Beyond the listed rent, U.S. renters can spend $3,420 a year on costs associated with moving into and living in a rental, according to a new analysis from rental search platform HotPads.

Nationally, the median rent is $1,530 per month.

However, renters often pay more…

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K&N Introduces Lifetime Washable Home Air Filters

Homeowners of a DIY bent have reason to rejoice: K&N has released furnace and air conditioner filters that can be cleaned instead of replaced.

People who don’t maintain a home are probably scratching
their heads at this news? What’s the big deal?

But home-maintainers understand…

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