Plumbing Tips for Transitioning to a Multigenerational Household

North Carolina plumbing company Four Seasons Plumbing is offering tips for homeowners who are transitioning their homes to accommodate multiple generations of family members.

Here is list the following updates to consider if you are
making updates to accommodate more family members:

Install a toilet lid lock – If…

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5 Tips for Reducing Energy Consumption this Holiday Season

Virginia-based plumbing and electrical company Southern Trust Home Services is providing advice on how to cut down on their energy use this holiday season.

Each year, Americans use an estimated 6.63 billion kilowatt
hours of electricity on Christmas lights alone. That’s more electricity than
many countries use…

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U.S. Housing Inventory Falls to New Lows

The gains from a modest buildup of inventory earlier this year were more than erased during the 2019 home shopping season, according to the September Real Estate Market Report from online real estate company Zillow.

Inventory grew year-over-year in each month
between September 2018 and&nbsp…

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Don't Flush These 5 Items to Prevent Plumbing Issues and Pollution

North Carolina plumbing company Four Seasons Plumbing is debunking myths about many items commonly thought of as safe to be flushed in your residential or commercial toilets.

“Homeowners flush a lot more than just toilet paper
every day without a second thought,” said Max Rose, owner of Four

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Outdoor Lighting Tips for a Brighter Holiday Home

The holidays are around the corner, making this the perfect time to update a home’s exterior lighting. According to the American Lighting Association, the right lighting will brighten a landscape, as well as create welcoming after-dark curb appeal and provide safety for visitors and family.

Like inside the…

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